The Revolution Will Be Blogged

I’ve be horrifically absent from this blog for several reasons, but the BIG GLARING ONE is that I’ve published my book! It takes time, homefries, to get a book ready for publication. As a n00b, I was not prepared for how much overthinking I would do during each round of edits. (Do I need to add a thought here? Is this dialogue line funny? Should I cut that sensory word? I’ve stared at this for hours and don’t know.) But it’s happened, the book is coming in September, and the blog needs to be reborn from the dark realms of the internet where it’s lingered. That said, I’m going to be announcing a new focus for the blog, updates, and changes.

Author interviews and book reviews:

The blog is called Throw This Book at Me. I loved the name, even when I struggled with focus in the nascent days of my writing. I’ll still keep some of the dinosaur archive, but I’m going to be turning my attention to book reviews now! I love to read and write, and this is a really natural out growth of that for me. I’ve been on the CP/beta track for years, too, so I’d love to spread the love about books and authors I’ve worked with whom I adore.

My books!

God’s Play is going to be a series. I’m planning the second book and working on another massive adult fantasy project. These things will start to pop up more on my blog. I also added a page for the books and changed the header to what is the cover of the first book (God’s Play, duh) because I love that cover.

But I followed your blog for hiking/snark/randomness!

Don’t worry, none of these things will be going away. I’m going to still do personal essays and other types of posts, but the focus is writing now. (Sorry not sorry) The snark is here to stay, but I want this site to have a focus now. If you started following me for the many other things I do in life, I would highly suggest my Twitter or Octopus Dive Bar (my personal tumblr blog, which has more of less morphed into my original vision of this site), both of where I talk about TV, movies, books, food, yoga, hiking, science, nature, and anything else I just happen to be thinking about.

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