State of the Blog: April book reviews and updates

Restarting Throw This Book at Me was fun. The reason I stopped being online at all had to do with 1) grad school 2) traveling and 3) burn out (more on this in the future maybe if I ever feel like talking about it, but Moses Siregar III talks about how he had a similar burnout with writing during a major life changing period. This does happen, and no, you’re not prepared for it. At least I wasn’t.)

2015-07-05 16.14.36

Fimmvörðuháls: too many characters for a copy/paste into the caption box, but that’s the mountain this is on.

I intend to keep doing the book reviews on the regular, but there was a massive glitch in the hosting domain name transfer that drove me nuts; it kept people from finding my site. I liked the layout of the new blog and some of its features, but I couldn’t justify paying for the domain name when there was no way for me to get what I wanted. So, welcome to HD Lynn, the author blog. The layout may change a lot going forward as I try to find the sweet spot in appearance, but I’m putting down roots at this site right now. After and extended period, Throw This Book at Me is (currently) dead.

Books reviewed this month:

5 stars:

There was no contest in which two books were my favorite in April. The action packed Saint’s Blood had me from beginning to end, and Grey used its strong narration to tug at my gut the entire way through. I read them back to back, and I was honestly surprised by how engaging they both were. These were not the books I was most excited to read, but I loved them, and Shadows is coming up soon! Also, Sebastien de Castell got a hugely deserving nomination for a Hugo, and irregardless of the circumstances of nomination, best of luck! I personally always find the Best New Author categories to be extremely interesting because that’s where a lot of fresh voices and interesting novels hide.

4 stars:

Ann M. Noser’s The Witches Handbook series had two strong entries. These books are probably more NA than YA. If there’s such a thing as ‘sweet NA’, this is it. How to Date Dead Guys and How to Ditch Dead Guys rely on the interpersonal relationships between characters more than on any supernatural element.

3 stars:

All of my three star books had strengths, and others may very well give these books 4/5 stars. 3 stars is really the cut-off for when a book becomes more enjoyable vs more of a chore to read. I gave 3 stars to a book when something (usually somethings) about the story kept niggling at me through the entire read. These are what I’d call your mileage my vary (YMMV) reads.

The Blood Sigil, The Emperor’s Railroad, Beauty & the Beast, Minotaur

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