REVIEW: Hair in all the Wrong Places

Hair in all the Wrong Places by Andrew Buckley

This is the teenage werewolf book I’ve been wanting to read. It’s not perfect, and in some parts it’s a little confusing, but this is an enjoyable read for those who want a werewolf book that’s actually about werewolves. Colin is a boy living with his misanthropic grandma, and he thinks he’s a huge loser (and maybe he is, but maybe it’s just a high school thing). Colin gets bullied relentlessly at school by Gareth & Co. This is when he decides to run away, but there’s a werewolf plus a car attack that gets in the way. He hallucinates a lot, and I liked the instant post-bite action. None of that waiting a month for the next full moon here.

I like the awkward teen vibe Colin has going for him. It’s not forced. There’s a definite Teen Wolf vibe to Colin’s transformation. It’s fast/immediate. Colin has a friend (seriously, a single friend), and I guess part of the point is that he doesn’t really like or know anyone at school. This gives Colin’s character a feeling of isolation early on. He could’ve used a wacky friend.

There’s clearly something going on with Becca and her dad, Mr. Emerson, early on. Becca’s secret comes out later, and there are several mysteries surrounding people in this book that get dropped all together towards the end. You might guess the big secret, but you might not. It’s a standard enough paranormal twist, but there’s a certain level of confusion as to what is going on between different people in this story that it made me uncertain where it would resolve itself. A little surprise: not a bad thing.

Creepy dude, creepy dude, who are you? Silas Baxter, werewolf and werewolf hunter. There’s quite the conspiracy happening. It 100% involves Becca’s father, and that’s obvious. I wanted him to ultimately become more likable throughout the book, but Mr. Emerson never does. What kind of relationship does Becca have with her father? We never really find out. There’s a lot of strange people in Elkwood—the twins, Garth, Becca, her dad, Colin’s grandma. It feels like everyone else is in on this conspiracy except Colin. (And they are.) That’s okay, because Colin finds out soon enough what’s happening, and this story never makes you wait too long to get to the interesting parts.


  • Colin’s grandmother’s hearing—red riding hood shout out.
  • Werewolves and car attacks—two terrible things colliding.
  • I hope the entire town is werewolves ala The Howling.
  • The entire town is definitely SOMETHING.
  • Every teen’s dream: waking up chiseled and ripped.

Rating: 4 stars

This was a solid, enjoyable YA read about teen werewolves. If that’s your itch to scratch, you’ll like this book.

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