REVIEW: Moonburner

Moonburner by Claire Luana

Moonburner starts when Kai is born–and her birth must be kept a secret because she’s a special sorceress. Moonburners and Sunburners are at war, and Quitsu finds herself trapped in the middle of it. There’s a fire nation/water nation element to the Moonburner/Sunburner war, and I liked that.

There’s a nice touch of Japanese mythology in this story. It’s a genuinely diverse piece of fantasy. Kai is unique as a character, and her personality fits well with the moon goddess persona. Hiro, too, fits a certain stereotype, and he’s a strong and silent type sun warrior. My favorite character was Quitsu, though, and I found him endearing without being saccharine. I’m picky about my fantasy couples, but I liked these two together. They talked to each other, and I get the feeling that they’re soul mates (even though I dislike that term…) without it being too forced. Hiro complicated things, but I found myself rooting for Kai and Quitsu.

In general, Kai’s training seemed to drag a bit. I wanted a little more from this story in terms of action-based plot. I loved the characters and their relationships, though. Pura is a lovely character, but I wish she had more backbone. The supporting cast maybe wasn’t as well developed and made this story feel a bit thin.

The end sets up for the sequel, but Moonburner ends with a punch. There’s a nice touch of family verses service, and I liked how Kai has to become a leader verse just a figurehead.

Rating: 4 stars. This is a diverse high fantasy story with an interesting female character.

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