Book Launch: The Corner Store Witch

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The Corner Store Witch by H.D. Lynn

The Corner Store Witch

by H.D. Lynn

Giveaway ends October 20, 2016.

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IT’S LIVE! And #4 in Teen and Urban Fantasy!

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I’ve avoided talking on the blog about my book (I like to talk about fantasy in general–obviously) but IT’S LAUNCH TIME! Thanks for the feedback and support during the pre-order, and I’m blown away by the response today. I’ve had people leave a range of reviews, and I’ll highlight points from each star rating (yes, even the shit ones).

5 star: From Lake Review Books

Now you would think that this is just another RPG(role playing game) story but it is much more than that. You have to read it to find out everything about what Leone goes through with her friends. It is a quick read and you could finish in a day or two easily. If you read or play DD(Dungeon & Dragons) you would enjoy this a lot. Loads of action packed scenes with a kick-ass heroine

4 star: From Sophie

Great novel with a lot of action, a fast-paced plot carried away by amazing characters. It was fun and funny, and I found it refreshing in the usual landscape of novels these days. Great style, great characters, I enjoyed this book.

3 star: From Cover to Cover

This book did not end with a cliffhanger but with an end making way for future installments. A time-pass read and will definitely read the sequel to see how the story goes.

2 star: From Janice

The story is really interesting and I liked that the characters were well drawn and very diverse. The problem is it could have used another edit.

1 star: From Jane

Honestly I chose this book to read because the blurb was so interesting, unfortunately it fell short. Very short. I was 15 pages in when I thought I should just give this up, but when I realised the book was only 131 pages long, I decided to go through with it to see if it got any better.

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