Immortal by Nicole Conway

I’ve been high on the Dragon Riders series since Avian, which took the characters and standard-but-well-done premise introduced in Fledgling and turned it into something darker and special. This series started off as Harry Potter meets How to Train Your Dragon, and the characters of Becca, Jaevid, Felix, Sile, and Jace were my favorite and carried the story well. Traitor deepened the story by taking Jaevid and Jace into Luntharda, the forest home of the hated gray elves. In the forest, Jaevid learns of mysterious parentage, his nature powers, and about Horvid’s treachery. Jaevid emerges from the forest alone (Jace stays behind with the Elfen princess) with the knowledge that the king is an impostor. Que the beginning of Immortal.

Felix featured very little in Traitor because Jaevid disappears to the forest early in the novel, but Immortal starts with Felix’s temper destroying his career as a dragon rider. It’s bad enough that Felix flees back to his childhood home. Felix is Duke now, and he promptly begins to drink himself stupid until Julianna comes back recouple him to his sanity.

When Jaevid returns, he gathers ‘the gang’ together to betray the king. Everyone takes some convincing, but Jaevid proves the king is Horvid in disguise. When they fight Horvid, he is absolutely as nasty as you would expect him to be, which isn’t a letdown. The ending is bittersweet, so don’t go in expecting everyone to live. Still, it’s a satisfying end, although most of the book is told from Felix’s POV for…reasons.

Rating: 5 stars A strong end to a strong series

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